Skin Care On A Bargain

It was that time again when i ran out of my skin care products and needed practically everything. From moisturiser to facewash to makeup remover. Strangely everything ran out all at once. To my good luck (which is unbelieveable that it was ‘good’ for a change) every product i bought was a part of such a brilliant offer.

My first bargain was at superdrug where the L’Oreal skin care was on buy one get one free. So i picked up the Micellar water to try out as i love the L’Oreal Skin Perfection Miracle Cleansing Oil (click to check the review) so much, i wanted to see if this was any good. With this i got the Age Perfect Cleansing Milk for mature skin, picked this up for my mum. The Micellar Water was £4.99 and the Age Perfect Cleansing Milk at £4.49  , so that was my first great deal.

The second deal was on Simple Skin care at 3 for £5. Its even better when its your favourites skin care range. So i picked up a the Facial WashLight Moisturiser & the Cleansing Toner. This deal was at ASDA. The Facial wash alone was £3.29 & the Moisturizer was £3.29

The last being another moisturiser from ASDA. Its the Garnier Moisture Match .The reason why i grabbed this product was cause the packaging said its a mattifying cream. Any skin care product that has the word MATTE on it, belongs to me. i just have to get it. Haven’t used this yet, so fingers crossed it does what the packaging says it does. This is originally at £3.99 but on a deal for £2.00

These offers are still in store, so if interested go get your bargain quick,before it ends.

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