My First Mac Product

Wow feel good to be back. Hope u all have been well. I have missed this little space of mine, just been too caught up, so had to be away for a short while. Coming back to the post. YES this is my very first MAC product. Am super excited. It was my birthday two weeks ago, and i had received a MAC voucher as a present. Any guesses what my first purchase is?

I initially went in to get Velvet Teddy or Mehr, since i love my nude lip shades. However they dint have any of the two, all they had was Please Me. which i dint really like. To my surprise i dived in for All Fired Up O_O…. YES a RED.. Never in my wildest dreams did i think i would dive in for this colour. I have always wanted to try out a red lip but dint have the courage to do so. As i always thought it wouldn’t look right on me. Being MAC (knowing its prices) it was a real risk to go for a shade i had never tried in my life and was staying away from all this while. 

End of the day it is the Most gorgeous shade i own. Never did i think it would look so good on me. Yess some self praise is needed here. Am pretty sure most of you out there already know everything u need to about this shade, for those who don’t. If u looking to get a red, this should be your first option. Now that i have it, i don’t think u can go wrong with it. It will look good on all skin tones. Being matte its not too loud. It definitely doesn’t scream RED. It a shade that just sits so beautifully on the lip. It does not budge. You can eat, drink, smile, kiss and you will still have the lipstick on. It does fade a tad bit but its still sitting all pretty on your lips. Being matte it doesn’t feel drying , it feels quite moisturising . My only con about this product is it does transfer onto your cup/mug or if you kiss somebody on the cheek. Am i asking for too much now? Ah well, we can let that slide by. In short if u want a red go get All Fired Up. It definitely my favourite at the moment. 
Hope u liked my short and simple review on this gorgeous shade.


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