Benefit They’re Real Push up Liner: REVIEW

Am i the last person on earth to get this product? I think i am. I am pretty sure you have read a million (OK maybe a thousand, or just a hundred) of reviews on this product. I have been wanting this since day one, however was hesitant on getting it as it seems to be a Love or Hate product. I actually had no intention on getting this, as i had gone to get some MAC lipsticks. However the store dint have what i wanted,and opposite to the MAC counter was a Benefit counter. So i jumped across and got this (with another favourite Benefit product, could u guess which one i got). That’s my little story on why i bought this product.

I haven’t been using this product longer enough, its only been about two weeks that i have it. For those of you who don’t know about this product its a Push Up eyeliner by Benefit Cosmetics. It from there They’re Real range. It comes in the form of a pen, which has a twisty bottom to it which pushes out the gel eyeliner from the tip which is on a slant. The tip is on a slant to help u get the perfect wing. Which can be just pressed against the side of your eye for the perfect clean wing. It a gel based eyeliner. According to the packaging its long lasting, water proof and lash hugging. The packaging is simple and pretty.

Now for my thoughts on this product. Like i said i have had it only for two weeks, i honestly don’t know if i like it enough or don’t like it at all. This eyeliner is really BLACK. Super shade of black, which is so difficult to find with eyeliners. This alone is such a plus point. The formula being gel, tends to dry really fast. Which is a good point until you mess up. It doesn’t give you time to play around and adjust your liner or wing. You basically need to get it right on the first go. If you try to fix it and go over what you have already applied it tends to flake. I guess practise makes perfect. So you got to learn to work your way around it. Its a matte finish, which is brilliant. When the packaging says it waterproof, boy or boy you bet your life its waterproof. I tried two different makeup removers, Yes TWO and it wouldn’t come off. I thought its stuck on me for life, till my trusty coconut oil did its magic. So its the perfect eyeliner for summer, hot, sweaty, pool parties, beach day days. It will NOT budge. It very very long lasting as my previous point shows. It definitely is lash hugging as the Accuflex tip is flexible, so it kind of bends your eyelashes out of the way making it easy to apply the liner as close to the lashline as possible. When creating a winged line, the flex tip makes it much easier,as the slant at the tip gives you that cleans finish. It glides on smoothly, its doesnt pull on the eyelid. What i dislike the most about this product is the twist up bit. Since its a twist up pen finish you don’t have control of how much product comes out of it. Every time i have twisted the pen to get the product out, alot pops out ,which it too much to start your liner with. So you end up wiping off alot of the product before u can start which causes alot of wastage of the product. This is one very strong point which puts me off from using it.

Am still working my way around it. It definitely has more good than not so good points. Don’t fear from it, if you get it i am pretty sure u will figure it out soon. Hope u found my review helpful.

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  1. I love how gel eyeliner looks but they always budge on me. I am considering buying this one and the only thing I am concrened about is how I will draw thin line cause I am not pro at doing eyeliner and this would be complitely new for me

    1. With this one i can guarantee it wont budge, it will remain the way u applied it till u remove it. Am not the best with eyeliner, but this is the easiest i have used. You will have to work your way around this thou. Once u get the hang of it, u will definitely be in love with it. the only downfall like i said it dries way to quick not giving u time to work with it & too much product wastage with the twist pen.

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