Maybelline Dream FLAWLESS NUDE Foundation : REVIEW

Foundation is that one bit of makeup that just has to be perfect. Its the base, to every other product u apply on your face. If your foundation isn’t right, nothing is gonna be right with that make up look. I have always been a BB Cream girl, however of late i have noticed myself moving towards foundation. Its the first makeup product i am starting to put into my shopping basket. The first time i saw this product, it was in a youtube video by one of my favourite youtube makeup guru’s Kaushal Beauty (she is gorgeous, subscribe to her channel if u haven’t already). 
Like every other product i give it a good use before i can give a review on what i think. Sadly this foundation isn’t for me. I am very disappointed with this product. I have tried many different ways to work around it, but it just fails every time. I have oily skin with few dry patched on my forehead and around my nose. The foundation instantly clung onto the dry patches making my skin look even more dry than it actually is. I exfoliated my face to give it another try, and exactly the same results. Within an hour or so i even found it make the remaining of my face look dry and patchy. It just doesn’t sit on my skin right. It make my skin look very cakey with the slightest application. I have tried using it with my Real Techniques miracle sponge and a flat top brush. None made a difference. I feel it even accentuates my pores. I have viewed (on youtube ) some really nice reviews on this product, sadly it isn’t for me. I finally give up on trying to win it over. 

What i did like about the foundation is the packaging, its a really pretty little bottle. I love the unique applicator it comes with. When i use it with a flat top brush i just dip the applicator straight into my brush. and the shade was a perfect shade for me. Sadly these aren’t good enough for me to love it as much as i would love to have.

Have u tried this yet? What are you thoughts on it?

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  1. I came to read this cause I seen the pic of the bottle and loved it! It's a shame it didn't work for you. I have dry skin so I'll probably give this a miss, I've had problems with patchy foundation before. I really hate cakey foundation too, a good foundation looks like your not wearing any! x

    Jackie |

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