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Hellooooo, how have you been doing? I am just in a very happy mood today. I have a mini home ware haul. Just bits i have been getting within the last month. I thought id put them together and show u what i have been loving and decorating my home with. 
Most of the furnisher and decor i have at home are in white. So i did buy a few with colour to throw in a bit of spring. While i was at Ikea i just fell in love with this shade of yellow. Hence the pretty yellow decor. 

This gorgeous pug is from TK Maxx, i have named her L.C. i am so in love with her. She was £15.

The vintage clock is also from TK Maxx. Its had a label saying it from Bombay, India. Knowing it came from my country there was noway i wasn’t going to get it. Isn’t it just gorgeous. This was also £15.

This is where my favourites colour comes in. This is little flower pot is from IKEA. It was £1.75

The lantern from IKEA for £2. This colour is just so difficult to ignore. Don’t u think so?

Finally, finally i found them. This is without a doubt my favourite of this haul. I found is beauty at TK Maxx for £2.

 Last but not the least Scented block candles that come in a set of three from IKEA for £5. I am in no hurry to burn them, i think they look to pretty to burn. Just me or do u do the same?

So these were the few bits i bought from my home. Any favourites from the above?


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  1. Love all of your choices! I decided yesterday when I finally get my own house I'm going for black, white and yellow in the lounge and it's great there's stuff out there to buy!
    Victoria xx

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