If you know me and have been following my blog you would know my love for Body Scrubs. This is a body scrub i came across online about 4 to 5 years ago, and i use it alot during the cold months. Its the perfect D.I.Y Body Scrub you can ever try. It has the least ingredients and ALL natural ingredients.

Body Scrub Ingredients
1 cup Brown Sugar
1/3 cup olive oil / extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons honey


Now the amount of these ingredients could vary depending on how much you want to make. I can bet you already have all of these ingredients stacked somewhere in your kitchen cupboards. You have them isn’t? Haa i knew it. Now if you don’t, no need for panic you will find each and every product at your nearest grocery store.

put in your brown sugar

Olive Oil

Now all you got to do is get a jar, mason jar, empty bottle anything u want to use to store your scrub in. I used an empty Nutella jar. Add all of the above ingredients , give it a nice mix and your body scrub is ready to be used. I use this on my body and face. Since this body scrub has olive oil in it, it even works as a moisturiser so when I use it on my body and face I don’t need to moisturise.

Hope you liked this quick and easy DIY. Would love to know if u have already tried this before or if u will give this a go. If u have any DIY beauty tricks comment them down below,id love to try it out.


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