Whats In My Bag

I love these posts. Its such fun to be inquisitive and know what people carry in their bags. I don’t carry much in my main bag as i have to more to carry in my baby bag,so i keep this simple. I purse is a Christmas present i got a year back. Its just such a perfect size. It carries all the essentials a purse should hold. My phone, my lifeline. I cant do with this in my life. From reminders to appointments to shopping lists, dates to remember, music, pictures you names it and i have it in this one little gadget. My shades, is just always in my bag. There is a little pocket in my bag which is just the correct size for my shades. I never take them out (unless i am using them) cause its the safest places,or i will just end up losing them. A pack of mint/chewing gum/sweets one of these are always in my bag. A pack of tissue. Being a mum you can never have enough of tissue with you. You always need it in your life at all times. My Stay Matt powder is a life saver for oily skin. I carry it around for touch ups when needed.  The flat top brush i got from H&M is what i use to apply it. WATER…I cant leave the house without this. With me the funny thing is if it leave it behind ,as i walk out i  get thirsty which makes me feel as if i will die if i don’t drink a sip of water immediately hahah funny i know. Just too use to carrying it around. Pen, you never know when u will need this little gem. Lastly my earphones. Now who doesn’t have this in their bag? Nobody, i know.  That’s the little i have in my bag. Would u like to read a post on Whats In My Baby Bag? Comment down below if you would be interested and i will get them up. If you have a similar post,do leave your links down below id love to snoop around and have a look. Hope u like this post.


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