Maybelline Fit Me Anti Shine Stick Foundation : REVIEW

I needed a new foundation,so off i went to Superdrugs to get the Maybelline Fit Me liquid foundation, unfortunately it was out of stock. So on seeing the Foundation Stick, i decided to settle for it. I was hesitant to get it cause i hadn’t tried a cream foundation before. Its the ‘Anti Shine’ on the packing that got me to buying it. To be very honest i don’t know if i like this product or not.  I am still trying to work my way around it.

I like the coverage it gives. I would say its a pretty good coverage. I prefer to use it as a concealer for under my eyes and to cover up any blemishes. The reason why i use it as a concealer rather than an all face foundation is cause it tends to stick to dry patches. I have dry patches on my forehead and chin. So it doesn’t work for me at a all face foundation.  It feels quite thick when u apply it at first, and look pasty. Once blended it give quite a flawless look. It blends better with a makeup brush than a beauty blender. When it comes to the anti shine, i will say its 70% anti shine. Which is pretty good for me as i have the oiliest skin possible. And after applying my Stay Matte powder it pretty much becomes 99% oil free (its my face here so no matter what, a tiny bit of oil has to peep thru) Once applied it does look slight, and i mean slightly cakey but once i apply my over all foundation over it ,it blends in really well. Since i am not in makeup all day long it lasts me a good 4-5 hours. I apply this under my liquid foundation (when apply as concealer). If i were to buy this again i would only buy it in a shade darker to use as a contour stick. Like i said i am still working my way around this, i am hoping i cant get to love this a little more. Am not giving up on it this easy. If my views on this change in the future i will surely do an updated review for it.

Id love to know if you have used this and what you think of it. Send me links if you have a different review on it or comment down below on your thoughts.


4 comments on “Maybelline Fit Me Anti Shine Stick Foundation : REVIEW

    1. I would never have tried it had the liquid one been out of stock and this dint have teh Anti Shine mentioned on the packaging. Give it a go it might do wonders for you. am not giving up on it, hoping it does well during the summer months when my skin tends to be less dry.

  1. This is the first review I've read on this and really enjoyed reading it! I like the fact that you said its about 70% anti shine but I think I would only pick this up to contour too as I'm not really much of a fan of stick foundations. Great review x
    han // emandhan xo

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