Am probably the last person to have finally got my hands on one of the Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes. I have no idea why I didn’t get this any sooner. Now that I do have my hands on it, it’s definitely not going to be the last palette I have bought from them. I am yet to come across a negative review of these palettes, and I am pretty sure u wouldn’t too. I love my matte eyeshadows. They just perfect for me. So without a doubt, the Essential Mattes had to be my first choice. Such a perfect choice for my first palette. Now to my love for this beauty.


It’s a very basic plastic casing with a clear top. I love clear top eyeshadow cases,cause it’s just so easy to glance thru the colours and know exactly what u looking for. So that’s a win for me in itself.

The different shades.

It comes with 12 shades. Ranging from light neutrals to browns, blue, black and purple. The first four are basic neutral light shades perfect for an all over lid base, highlights, or a colour on its own. The next four are different shades of browns. Perfect for blending colours together, deepening crease , dark smokey eye, or even eyebrow fill in colour. The 9th being a pretty blue. Then comes the black, which can easily be used for a dark smokey eye, eyebrow fill in, deepen eye crease or a simple eyeliner fill in. The last two are my favourite of them all the purple ‘ plummy colours. These are two beautiful colours for an overall eyeshadow colour, a bit under your water line for a hint of colour.

Pick Up Payoff
Colour Payoff

This is what matters the most. At this point, the cost of the palette doesn’t matter, as long as you get a good colour payoff. For me, this is excellent. They say ‘You Get What You Pay For’ Well with this palette i can clearly say ‘You Get MUCH More Than You Pay For’ .

Transfer Payoff

As you can see I have shown the colour pay off in two ways, the first set being the pickup payoff which is very pigment. The second being the transferred payoff which is equally pigmented. I don’t wear makeup everyday, and when I do it’s for a few hours when am out for a dinner or just in general out with family/friends. So if I were to tell you how long these colours last, I would say a good 6 hours. Which is really good. What more could u ask for?. Now do u see why I say ‘You Get Much More Than You Pay For’ and for £4 it’s totally worth getting it every time it runs out.

Good Job Makeup Revolutions on this excellent pallet. Looking to get more of these beauties. Do u have a Makeup Revolution Pallet you would like to recommend for me to get? mention them below as I definitely want to have a Makeup Revolution collection.

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    1. Hello Alice,

      Sorry for such a late reply,iv been without my laptop and my mobile refused to let me reply to comments. This palette is definitely great value for money. its my favourite at the moment. And thank you so much for the nomination. i will have a read thru immediately.

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