Effortless Hair Care Routine

OMG…Its been forever since iv blogged. I had a major power cut at mine which ended up messing up my laptop charger,due to which i have been without a laptop for two weeks,and had no other way to blog. So glad to be back. I have missed my blog soooo much. Hope you all doing well. Now that i have got that off my chest lets get to the actual post.

We all have our own little ways of taking care of our hair. Mine is simple (I LOVE SIMPLE).

I have dry, unmanageable hair. So taking extra care of my hair is a very important step for me. This is another reason why i use less products as the less i use the more manageable my hair is. Or else it tends to be dull and lifeless. I am hoping to try the No Poo method, still doing my research before i give it a go. Will keep u posted on it if i do.

Before every wash i apply coconut oil from root to tip. I apply it at my roots as i have very very dry scalp which tends to get flaky if i don’t oil it. All over my hair to nourish it and give it a deep condition. Once a week i mix a teaspoon of Castor oil to it, which helps thicken my hair. Castor has done wonders with thickening my hair. I warm the coconut oil to liquefy it,as it is a thick consistency during the cold months. Leave it in my hair for about one hour.

I wash my hair twice a week. Using the TRESemme Deep Clean. I massage it into my scalps,working up a lather. I try not to shampoo the tips of my hair as its really dry, and i feel the shampoo dries it even more. When rinsing my hair that when i wash the tips of my hair with the left over shampoo thats getting washed off.

Once am done with the wash i apply my conditioner. I apply it from my mid shaft to the tips, leaving it on for two minutes and rinse it off with cool water. Which helps close the cuticles and locks in the moisturiser i have got from the conditioner. It also helps in leaving it less frizzy. This conditioner works really well with my dry hair. It leaves my hair feeling nice and soft.

This is the product that does magic to my hair. It a serum i have been using for the last 6/7 years now. I love it. I bought it from India. I haven’t seen it anywhere here in the UK besides on Amazon. It helps detangle my hair in next to no time at all. Add a beautiful natural shine,and leaves it feeling really silky. After i style my hair, if its straighten or curled whatever the style is, i take a WEE bit and just run it Thur the ends of my hair for that extra shine and sleekness.

This is my Holy Grail for heat defence. I haven’t tried any other and i don’t think i will. If you use this you will know why its such a Holy Grail. The days i know im going to use heat in my hair i apply it while my hair is drying. So it gives it enough time to sink into my hair strands. I don’t apply it just before i use heat cause i feels it wets the hair and causes the appliance to burn the hair. So by leaving it to dry with my hair give it enough time to dry.

So these are just the few steps i follow in taking care of my hair. Do you use any of the above mentioned products? Let me know your hair care routine id love to see what products work best for you, maybe id find something that could help me too.


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  1. I also loveee Tresemme hair products, they smell really great. Sadly, they don't have the heat protector here in Indonesia 🙁 So, I only use their shampoo and conditioner..


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