Winter Favourites

Am not too late for this post,am i? Its still winter,so it should count. I know many consider the end of winter once we come into the new year. Well it isn’t sadly.Whos looking forward to summer? Oops going off topic now. Lets just get back to the post,these have really helped me & loved me this season,and it sure deserved a post.


I received this day cream in my birch box. Its the first time i ever used it. At first i wasn’t sure if i liked it or not as i was just too comfortable with my Superdrug Body cream (the website doesn’t have the link to the moisturiser i use, but i have also tried this one which i have linked and its a great alternativewhich i would use for my face too. As days went by i started to reach out for this specific cream when it came to applying my daily face moisturiser,that’s when i realised i am loving this and so is my face. Its quick absorbing and non greasy.

This is something new i have started to try and i have been loving it. I have been mixing my Tea Tree BB Cream from the Body Shop & my Superdrug BB cream together which has been giving me a beautiful natural dewy look. Just adds this beautiful glow which is quite rare to get during this kind of weather. So its is a complete favourite.

I am a BIG fan of body wash & body scrubs. I am constantly buying new ones. At the moment it is the Brazil Nut body wash & Brazil Nut body scrub. I like to match them as i feel they work better and i get one fragrance instead of a mixup of fragrances. They both work really well together. I find the fragrance last quite a while even after a shower. The scrub isn’t harsh on the skin, leaving the skin smooth and soft.

My first ever red nail colour. I kinda fear the colour Red. Iv never tried a red lip or red nails. This season i was daring enough to give the colour ago. Guess what? Its in a favourites post. Its the Barry M in shade Red Wine. I wouldn’t say its very long lasting ,unless i am suppose to apply a top coat. I am just not a top coat kind of person,as i don’t have the time and Patience for that. The colour is a beautiful Red. You know you get some reds that scream straight into your face?? Well this is NOT that red. So its a complete winner for me. Its helped me be less afraid of the colour red.

As iv mentioned i am too afraid of red,hence never tried a red lip. I am more of a nude, nude pink , Rosy pink kinda girl. Kiss Pearl is the perfect shade for my skin tone. I need more of these in my life. As of now i think this is going to be an all year lipstick favourite.
Hands & Feet

It has to be the Soap and Glory Heel Genius & Hand Dream. It such an excellent product for dry hands and feet. You can read my post if u want more details on these two products. In short they just excellent for this kind of weather. 
These were my favourites,do you have any winter favourites? Would love to know them in the comments below.


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    1. so sorry for such a late repl,for some reason i dont know how i missed the comments on this post. am getting addicted to soap and glory product,so far every product of theirs i have used is amazing.

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