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I don’t fuss over my skin too much,i as i have fairly good skin. Hooray for that. I have never suffered from acne, i don’t get spots/pimples. The only time i get spots/pimples is when i eat alot of oily food on a regular basis. KFC tends to gives me pimples. I do suffer from blackheads thou. Such monsters. So i take it i am blessed. This doesn’t stop me from taking care of my skin as i never know when things could turn. I am starting to scare myself here.

So keeping it very simple i first wipe my face and neck using a makeup remover wipe. I usually use the make up remover wipes from Poundland which are really good and soft and work well. However of late i have been using the Off Your Face 3-in-1 daily purifying cloths i got with my Soap & Glory Next Big Thing Gift Set. I wipe off as much as i can with this.

I then us my L’oreal 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil. I take few pumps on the palm of my hands and rub it all over my face like i would when washing my face. I focus mainly on my eyes (if i have eye make up on) and my T-Zone. I do this for at least for atleast a minute or until i feel i have removed as much off as possible. I wash it off using warm water,making sure i have none of it left on my skin.

My next step is a must-do-step. I take a face towel,soak it in warm water, squeeze out all the water making sure there isn’t any water remaining. I then keep it pressed to my face for atleast 30 seconds, giving my pores enough time to open up. Making it easier to clean.

Once i am done with that i pat my water with warm water and use the Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash. It for combination to oily skin.Give my face a good enough cleanse. I wash off the face wash and taking the same face towel i now soak it in cold water and keep it pressed to my face. The coldness of the face towel helps in closing the pores.

Once i am done with my cleansing routine i then take the Benefit IT’S POTENT eye cream and apply a generous amount under my eyes, leaving it to soak in for 10 minutes. For my all over face cream i use my favourite Superdrug Vitamin E moisturiser leaving it on for 10 minutes before i massage it into my skin and am good to go.

These are my few steps and my simple routine. Would love for u to send me links of your routine or write down in the comments below sharing your Skin Care routine.


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