I have always wanted to try out the Beauty Blender, BUT was never willing to pay a price of £16 or £24 for it. When i came across the REAL TECHNIQUES MIRACLE COMPLEXION SPONGE and noticed the price of it,i just had to give it a go. At the price of £5.99 it was worth giving a try.

 This sponge is shaped differently from the beauty blender (if u wanting to compare). This sponge has three separate surface for easy application. The flat edge i find perfect for applying my over all foundation and concealer around my eyes. The larger part of the sponge i use for an all-over blending applicator, and, the tip for smaller areas and around the nose. Like all beauty blenders sponges you need to put this under running water till it expands (double in size), squeeze out all the excess water. What i do next is optional,but, i give it an extra squeeze in a towel to remove any remaining water. The sponge needs to be damp not soaking.

 I have been using it for for a month (which i think is a fair enough time for a review) and i have been loving how it makes my foundation routine flawless and less time consuming. What i have learnt from using this sponge is to slowly build up on your foundation coverage as the sponge tends to soak up quiet alot. I had to get the hang of it before i could perfect it. It does even out my foundation and concealer smoothly leaving a flawless coverage, yet looking natural.

(see what i mean by leaving a stain making it look dirty)

 The only downside to the sponge, i find, is that it does not clean up very well. No matter how well i clean the sponge, it still leaves behind a stain. Which is quite annoying, since the sponge is light in colour ,the stains leave it looking dirty. If you have/currently use this sponge and know a technique on how to clean it spotless do comment down below and let me know. I would love to know of a new way to this cleaning process. Overall i really like the REAL TECHNIQUES MIRACLE COMPLEXION SPONGE.


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