Perfect Bath Combo

These two products completely deserve a blog post. When i bought the Soap & Glory THE NEXT BIG THING GIFT SET  i wanted to do an individual blog post on all the products. Whilst using some of these products the two that stood out for me the most were the Orangeasm  body wash & the Sugar Crush body scrub. These two work as the perfect bath team. I have used many body wash & body scrubs but these two are the perfect winner.

Sugar Crush Body Scrub

I am a die hard fan of body scrubs. I am forever buying them from different brands, too different textures, different fragrances & flavours. None of got my attention as much as this one. From the fragrance to the texture and the way it makes your skin feel, its just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G . I just Love every single bit of it. I cant emphasise enough on how much i love this product. I will be honest not everybody will love the texture and the fragrance. The fragrance is strong. The fact that lime in general has a very over powering fragrance you cant grumble about it,knowing what u are getting. I don’t care about the strong fragrance of sweet lime cause i love it. IT just so refreshing. If you like the fragrance of sweet lime then get down to your nearest boots and get one of these bad boys ASAP. Now putting the fragrance aside for a bit, the other two main ingredients are Almond Oil & Macadamia Grains. These are the other two ingredient that makes this so amazing as it leaves your skin feeling SO soft & SO moisturised. My skin feel as soft and smooth as my 2 months old daughters skin. It really does. Now do you see why i love this so much!! The texture is much more thicker in consistency compare to the other body scrubs i have used. I LOVE THIS POINT just as much. Some of the scrubs i have used in the past can get quiet watery while applying on wet skin,leaving it difficult to use. Then u end up using more of the scrub than u should. Where as with this thicker consistency its just perfect. just a little goes along way. Doesn’t get watery and slippery at all. It works perfectly as before-shaving-exfoliator. I am sorry but i have to say this to emphasises how good a product this is,I JUST LOVE THIS BODY SCRUB.


Body wash…Now who doesn’t love a good body wash. Let me start with the description on this pump bottle. It says , Zesty-fresh & revitalising BODY WASH with skin softening, moisturise boosting properties & our exclusive MSUDS technology, TRIPLE TEA antioxidant complex, GINSENG & PINKPEPPERBERRY . You know when u buy a product and you read what its about and u try it but its nothing like what its said it is??? Well Guess What, to my surprise this isn’t one of those products. This product actually does what it says it does. It has a very zesty fragrance like it says. It does have a citrus fragrance but not as powerful as the body scrub. If you like a tiny winy bit of this fragrance then try this body wash. I am not that much a fan of the fragrance but since i use it with the body scrub, the fragrance of the body scrub takes over.,so it doesn’t bother me. It leave my skin feeling just as soft and smooth. The pump gives u just the correct amount of product needed. This product aswell goes along way. Given the amount u get in this pump bottle (500 ml) its bound to last you for a while.

These two products compliment each other so well. If you are looking to try out a new body scrub & body wash give these two beauties a try and show them some love.

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