Pamper Time

Like my mum always says ‘No matter how busy you are, Always make time for yourself’. Being a mum of two (3 and a half year old & 2 month old) i don’t get much time for myself,but i make sure to take out sometime for myself on a Friday night or Saturday night. So once i have the girls tucked in bed i start with some light music. Usually its smooth FM or magic FM. While that’s playing in the background i decide if its going to be a shower or a bath.Most times its a shower.

I start with a hair mask. I use the Dove Hair Nourishing Oil Care hair mask. It has argan oil in it.It does good to cut down on frizz and is light weight. It leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable . The days i use this hair mask i don’t use a hair conditioner as this does well for me on its own.I leave it in my hair to do its magic while i continue with my pamper time.

Since the time i got the Soap & Glory Next Big Thing Gift Set i have been loving each and every product that came in that box. So i have been using the Orangeasm body wash & Sugar Crush as the perfect bath combination. I don’t know if its considered a good or a bad habit but i just can not get out of the shower without using a body scrub, totally addicted to it. So i started with the Sugar crush which is a perfect thickness in consistency. I love it for the fact that it doesn’t get watery while using it like some body scrubs do, which makes u end up using more than u should.It has a beautiful strong (i love the strong fragrance)fragrance of sweet lime. Then its the Orangeasm bath wash which finishes it off leaving my skin as soft as a baby skin. By now my bathroom is filled with the fragrance of lime and freshness.

Once I’m done with my shower. I use the Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter. I love this stuff, it just smells so lush,it is just perfect. It absorbs into the skin really well and leave skin soft & moisturised for a long period of time. Apply my Heel Genius onto my feet wait for it to sink it for a bit and then put on a pair of comfy socks to keep it all locked in.

Back to my hair, i use a leave in serum.Its the Matrix Biolage hair serum. I bought this when i was in India, i haven’t seen it in stores here but i have found it on amazon if you are interested. This is what i have always used, from the time i was in India and bought them when i came here. It detangles every strand of hair. Adds shine. Leaves it soft and smells fresh.

For my face i use my all time Superdrug Vitamin E Moisturiser . I apply a thick layer on my face and dab it very lightly all over the face and let it sit there for a while before i rub it in. Its a new way i have been trying and i love how it leaves my skin so soft and moisturised till the next morning.

Am off to the kitchen then to make a cup of green tea (new step to my night routine) once its ready i massage my face with the remaining moisturiser. Sit back enjoy my cup of tea and before i know it my eyes are dropping. Kiss my girls goodnight and tuck myself to sleep.

Just a little different evening from the rest. Do u have a pamper night or routine? send me links if you do or comment down below id love to know.

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