My Go-To Makeup Routine

Being a mum of two (one aged 3 and a half and the second 2 months old) i don’t get much time to sit at my dressing table and get dolled up. My dress up time (including makeup ) has to be quick as possible. So keeping it simple is always key for me. On a whole i prefer a simple & natural look . So if u like simple & natural looks for a regular go-to day then have a looks at what i use.

These products do change on some days but the ones i will be mentioning are what i reach out to the most. Like i said i keep it as simple as possible.

I start with  moisturising my face and neck (NEVER ignore the neck) I give my moisturiser a good 5 to 20 minutes to sink into my skin  preparing it for makeup.

My next step it to apply a thin, yet, not too thin a layer of Benefit Its Potent Eye Cream under my eyes. Now i have read that you should apply a generous amount of this under the eyes for its to do wonders, I Disagree. I have tried it with a thick layer and a thin layer & both do exactly the same for me. Since it is an expensive product a thin layer does it for me. I leave this one for about 2 to 3 minutes before i start my actual makeup routine.

 On most occasions i use a BB cream. My two favourites are the Superdrug BB Cream 5-IN-1 & Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream . I switch between the two depending on which one my hand reaches out to first.

 Next i fill in my eyebrows with Beauty UK Hi-Brow Kit.

 I do make some extra time for a little bit of eyeshadow. I just feel no look is complete without some eyeshadow. So i use my favourite ,Tease,  from my Naked 2 Palette  all over the eyelid and build up on the same colour in my crease area . Complete the eyes with mascara.

 Set everything in with my Rimmel Stay Matte face powder .

My lips depends completely on the amount of time i have in hand and my mood. So it either the Wild Argan Solid Oil Lip Balm OR my Favourite lip colour at the moment which is the Maybelline Stellar Pink 150.

Thats my look complete. Seems never ending but with the experience, I  have gathered since being a mum, i complete all these steps in the shortest time possible. Its a talent all we mums are proud of.


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