My Favourite : Lip Products

Winter, Summer, Autumn, OR Spring, I ALWAYS have very dry lips. Taking good care of my lips is very important in my daily routine. As a child i have had the terrible habit of picking my lip (I know…thats horrid). Since i find it so difficult to change old bad habits i have to make sure my lips are always plastered with some lip product or the other to keep my fingers away. Putting that horrid habits aside let me jump straight in with the products that i have been loving.

Indoor Favourite 
I am sure all of you or atleast most of have used/still use this all time favourite. Petroleum Jelly, ah i cant do without this. This is my holy grail lip product.  When i am indoors i use this most of the day, reapplying every now and then. I am not going to go into detail about this product as we all know how great of a lip healer it is. It really helps my lips from cracking and drying up.

Outdoor Favourite
There are days when I just don’t have time to do a full lip or i am just to lazy to do so. So i use another favourite which  is the Wild Argan Oil Solid Oil Lip Balm (a veryyyy long name). The reason why i use this when i am outdoors, is, cause its a thicker consistency. Keeps my lips feeling really hydrated in these cold day,specially when u got to be outdoors. It is quite long lasting giving u softer lips for a longer period. It adds a nice glossy look to the lips.
Lip Liner

Using a lip liner is a complete new step to my makeup routine. I have never thought it important to add in this step. Since the New Years eve was on its way again i was looking for tips and tricks on how to keep my lipstick on for a longer time and not budge an inch. Thats when i came across this essential step of using a Lip Liner. Dont get me wrong i have read/heard/watched this step before but never gave it that importance. This time i thought id give it a go. Went ahead and got the Maybelline COLORsensational 140 Intense Pink . Its a beautiful plumy pink. There are time i have worn this on its own with a thin layer of my Wild Argan Oil Solid Lip Balm, because i love the colour so much. It is a shade darker than my natural lip colour. It is long lasting BUT not as long lasting as i would prefer. I think i have taken the ‘Lip Liners keep your lipstick lasting all night’ phrase very seriously. I did last most part of the night but not all night. Beautiful product.
Lip Colour
Its a new purchase. I need a colour to match my new lip liner (YES, thats just an excuse for a new lipstick) Its another Maybelline product. I love Maybelline lipsticks. Its the 150 Stellar Pink . Its just too beautiful a colour. Its my favourite shade of pink so far. It suits my skin tone perfectly. This product is long lasting. Doesn’t dry out my lips. Perfect match for my Lip Liner. Stays in my bag at all times. 

So that was my favouritres. Whats yours? Would love to know them.

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