January BIRCHBOX Hit Refresh With Womens Health

‘It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Month’… HAHAHAHA I cant believe Christmas is gone & just too excited with one more box of BIRCHBOX, therefore the little song intro. This is only my third month with BIRCHBOX,i have loved every box including this one. No disappointments till date. In case you unaware of BIRCHBOX let me give u a little intro into it. Its a beauty subscription box you sign up for and get goodies skin,hair and beauty related. The box comes with samples & full size products. If you like samples before u can deiced on full size product or just beauty, skin and hair products go sign up. Every month they have a theme. This month being the first month of the year BIRCHBOX theme is HIT REFRESH. I feel its an excellent theme for the month since 90% people have ‘Get Fitter’ as their new year resolution, this box helps to get started in a good way. So lets get straight into what i received in my box.

For starters it came with three information cards. One having all the products received and a little about the product, if its a sample or full size and the price of the full size product.

A coupon to sign up with Women’s Health Magazine for just 25% saving you 52% on 10 issues.

The third being my favourite of the three,a little booklet which has 12 bite-sized challenges.  A really cute way to start fresh and stay fit mentally and physically.
The challenges are as follows

  1. WRITE IT DOWN: Have a little diary log,
  2. EAT VEGGIES: Be it in a smoothie or plain avocado on toast,
  3. SLIM DOWN YOUR GYM BAG: Taking less in your gym bag,
  4. GET WITH THE BAND: Finding time to fit in a quick exercise using the Pilates Band received,
  5. UP YOUR SLEEP ROUTINE: Maximise your sleep time,
  6. JOIN THE BRAIDED BUNCH: Giving braids more love,
  7. SIT SMARTER: Posture is important ,
  8. MEET YOUR MATCHA: Enjoying a cup of green tea,
  9. LOG 10 MINUTES OF OUTDOOR TIME DAILY: Outdoor time ,a little as 10 minutes is important,
  10. SKIN S.O.S: Perfect time to restore some balance into your skin
  11. TAKE A COLD SHOWER: Boosts your immune system
  12. SNEAK CARDIO INTO YOUR DAY: 9 & 12 go hand in hand. 


 A Stilla lip glaze. I have never tried a Stilla product,so excited to give this a try. It comes in a twisty click pen. There isn’t a colour mentioned,but if i were to describe it, its a beautiful rosy pink. A full size product.

Beauty Protector detangler. It comes in a spray bottle. I have tried this product the Day i used it. It does detangle really well, only downfall i found is you got to use quite alot to get it to work. The product information says it detangles, adds shine and protects from both UVA rays and heat damage. It also is a birchbox exclusive.

REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. I haven’t tried this product yet. it comes in a tube. Says it works as an exfoliate treatment that improves texture,tone and combats congestion. Excited to use this. I will certainly do a review on this product.

HealGel Body. Its a lightweight lotion with ingredients that help calm and regenerate skin.

activbod: Its a shower product you apply on damp skin and rinse off. Having soothing almond oil for an energising post workout showers.

Embrace Matcha green tea: I think is my favourite (even thou i haven’t even tried it yet, i just love any kind of tea) Its ingredients are 100% natural.

Birchbox Pilate’s Band : I have tried using this,and even thou its only been two days since iv been using it and haven’t seen any results yet,i am guaranteed its doing something with the burn i feel everytime i sue it, 

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