January 2015 Beauty Favourites

This post makes me wonder where did this month go? It feels like just yesterday was Christmas. I was really excited to get this post together as its one of my favourites posts to read and videos to watch. Quite a few from my Soap & Glory Gift set, some old products that have been loving till date and some new bits which have got my heart.

I am a sucker for body scrubs. Like iv said in my earlier post, a body scrub is a complete must-do step in my shower routine. There is noway i can not be using a body scrub. Sugar Crush my Soap & Glory is no doubt my favourite body scrub of all times. It is just so moisturising. Not grainy to the extent,wherein it feels scratchy like some body scrubs. The consistency and fragrance is what gets me so hooked to this product. It seems like this product will be a long time favourite.

I am completely in love with this next product Righteous Butter. It is super creamy. Soaks into the skin really well leaving your skin feeling well moisturised yet not greasy. I love the light fragrance to it. It last long and does wonders. Not a single day gone by in this month where in i haven’t reached out to this product.

Yet another Soap & Glory product to this months Favourites. These product are just so perfectly made. If you have read my earlier post you would know why i love Heel Genius so much. If you are looking for super soft, sexy looking feet you have to try this product. You know that dry feeling u get on your feet when u wake up in the morning? Say Bye-Bye to those nasty mornings, this product wipes it clean. The very first time i used it,i tried it once and then forgot about it till day three and realised after after missing out on two days of applying this my feet still felt reasonably soft. That’s how good it really is.

If you are anything like me you would know what a struggle it is to get your eyeliner right. Ahhhh that feeling of just giving up on this one makeup product yet knowing your make up is so incomplete without it. I have tried every form of eyeliners possible. Had many good days and many bad. This month i gave the Primark PS Beauty eyeliner a try and i found it so much easier to apply. Its the perfect dark of my choice for eyeliner. Dries pretty quick. Thin brush which helps really well in getting as close to the lash line as possible. Its a favourite for this month as its one of the eyeliner i have used mostly this month.

I have never been into using lip liners,but i did get one last month its the Maybelline colour sensation  140 intense pink. This colour is simply gorgeous. I was hesitant on getting it at first as i thought it was slightly on the bright side but i was so wrong. I have even worn it on its own as a lip colour and it looks fab. It has certainly got me hooked onto lip liners.

Last but not the least is the Pixi shea butter lip balm  i got with my birch box. I don’t always have the time to sit and doll up,so having one product do two things is an excellent must have in my life. Its a shea butter lip balm giving you just the correct amount of colour to the lips. This has been in my coat pocket the entire month. Real saviour.

Whats your favourites for this month,id love to know.

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