January 2015 Beauty Empties

The end of another month, the end of more beauty products. I get really sad when any of my beauty products come to an end. It breaks my heart to bin it. Am a little attached  like that. These consist of bath and body products, make up and skin care.

Starting of with the Body Shop Blueberry Body Scrub-Gelee. It was a special edition product. I had this put on the shelf for a bit since i had bought few new ones,decided to use it more often recently and now its come to an end. I love the fragrance of it. My only disappointment with this product is that it tends to get really watery while applying it on wet skin which would make me use much more of product than i should. As much as i liked it,i don’t think i would repurchase this for that one reason.

As iv mentioned in my Maybelline post, Pink Brown 620 has been my all time favourite lipstick. It was one of my firsts and its one i would repurchase all the time. As u can see in the picture there is nothing left of it. I still try to use as much as i can but now its high time i get rid of it. I just find it so difficult to let go.

My Garnier Pure Active gentle deep clean cream wash . You know that feeling you get when using a certain product ,just the feel of it makes u know if its for you or not. This ones is an in between. Dont get me wrong its not a bad product at all. It agrees with my skin well, but i just don’t know if i like it or not. It is a creamy consistency, Has a slight fragrance.

My all time favourite makeup remover/cleansing oil/skin acre routine product has to be the L’oreal 15 Seconds miracle cleansing oil. I am so said its finished. It just does such an excellent job on with my skin. I can honestly say it removes 90% of my makeup. the remaining 10% is the black kohl in my water line which i remove with a damp cotton swab. Will definitely repurchase this product.

Lastly the Maybelline Rocket mascara. The perfect natural looking eyelashes u what u get with this one beauty. this is another product i am sad about.


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