Heel Genius & Hand Dream

Since a child  i have always been very fussy about the way my feet look and feel. however of late i have ignored my love for my feet which is resulted in a very bad way. My feet have become really dry and rough. Personally i have realised that wearing slippers or socks at home is an important step as it protects your feet from the harsh flooring. Specially if u have your home is carpeted,the carpet texture does put a strain on your feet. So that is my number one tip.

In my Soap & Glory The Next Big Thing Gift Set i got a tube of feet cream called Heel Genius . With just one use it made my feet smooth as hell. Kept my feet all night & all of the next day (honest truth) . I was really impressed. Usually after a shower the heels of my feet started to get a bit rough due to dry skin,but with one use of this foot & heel cream i faced no such thing. It is truly a Heel Genius. I was and is very impressed with this. It has a lovely fragrance to it. Absorbs into the skin quick. If you looking to get a foot cream, you have to give this a try.

Amongst the gift set i also got a full size hand cream the Hand Dream Super Cream. It took me a while to use this cream as i have never been into a separate hand cream as such. I usually just use my body moisturiser as my hand cream. This hand cream being my first,i was quite impressed. Soft, Moisturised & beautifully fragranced hands. It does take a bit to sink into the skin,leaving your hands a bit greasy for longer. But once it sinks in, my hands are soft as a baby skin. I love the fragrance it has, a bit strong ,but i am loving stronger fragrance’s now days, so that a plus point for me. If you aren’t into strong fragrances this might be an issue for you. Its a hand cream i would recommend and repurchase for sure.

Hope you found this helpful. If you have a favourite of your own id love to know them, and give them a try.


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