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Lately i have come across alot of posts to do with Wishlists. Fashion, Beauty, Tech, Random wishlists. It seems to be my favourite kind of posts of late. I have never got down to actually creating a wishlist. Be it in a blog post or my personal use. So when i was contacted by the lovely Laurren at Farfetch, a fashion website to view their 2015 Fashion Trends Forecast i thought why not start with this. Being a luxury website the prices are high end. Thinking of it,it would be a perfect wish list. They have quite a few trends. The trends that have been forecasted are Chokers, All Eyes On Japan, Marques Almeida, Gladiator Sandals, The Seventies, Bucket Bags and No Escaping Blues. Out of which my favourites were the Chokers, No escaping Blues and the Bucket Bags.
Looking back a few of my posts you would know my New Found Obsession is Chains. So when i saw this as one of the trends i knew it had to be on my wish list. My style being simple and elegant these are my picks. I went for neutral colours to mix and match any outfit.

No Escaping Blues
Blue is one of my favourite colours after pink obviously. I knew this had to be another favourite of the trends. SInce i liked this trend such a lot i thought i would divide it into two. One being a casual mummy look and the second being a dressy outfit. These two are totally my style.

Bucket Bags
The last trend i found interesting is the Bucket Bags. Being a mum of two having alot in my bag is a must. So if i can wish for a fancy bag yet a bag that can carry the world and its brother in it,then thats a win for me. This trend has a lot of vibrant colours. However being me i prefer my blacks and neutrals when it comes to bags, so i stuck to my comfort zone. 
This was a short wish list of mine from the website and trend forecast. Do check out their website for more trends and let me know your wishlist in the comments down below. 
P.S: Even thou i was contacted by Laurren from Farfetch to feature the website,i was in no means paid to do this post. It was my choice and my honest opinion. Like i said i had never done a wish list post and this being a high end fashion website it was a perfect wish list.  

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