Am I A Maybelline Girl??

Ever been hooked onto one brand of makeup? I never realised i was till i sat down to clean up my little space only to find i am completely a Maybelline Girl. Unknowingly i have been buying quite a lot of my makeup from Maybelline. My makeup collection is as small as a drop in the ocean compare to many of you readers out there. So this isnt going to be a very long post. Since i saw i have a quite alot from Maybelline, it sure deserved a post.

 Starting off with the base its the Baby Skin. I use this under my makeup. It blurs out my pores making them look smaller yet slightly visible. Which is what i like, as i prefer a natural look than caked up. It is very light weight and glides on very smoothly.
The Fit Me liquid foundation & stick foundation new are purchases. I love them both. I use the liquid foundation for an all over face foundation and the stick foundation as a concealer under the eyes. I don’t follow makeup rules hence a foundation as a concealer :). The Fit Me concealer is an excellent concealer ,does a great job for coverage. I tend to use it more during summer because in winter it tends to clings onto my dry spots.

 For the eyes i have two of the colour tattoos Bad to Bronze and Audacious Asphalt . Am quite sure everybody owns a colour tattoo, if u dont u need to try them. They work as a perfect colour on its own and a base colour. I mainly use them as a colour on its own.

Strangely but true, i started my eyeliner journey with gel liner, and this was the one. It comes with a thin brush that helps get you that perfect line and wing (thou am still in practice to them  perfect). It an excellent amount of darkness an eyeliner needs.

 Mascara wise the Rocket Mascara has been my all time favourite. Its almost come to an end. It is the everyday mascara for a very natural look. Separates the eyelashes really well, coating each eyelash evenly.  When i want just that slightly extra oomph to my eyelashes thats when the Great Lash comes to work. The brush in this mascara is just a lovely size. Coats the under lashes so well.

Coming to the lips, my all time favourite lipstick was Pink Brown 620. When using PInk Brown i refused to use anything else but that. Eventually i started to try different shades and ended up with the rest of the shades. Warm Up 235, Stellar Pink 150 and Kiss Pearl 832.
Do you have a special love for any brand?

2 comments on “Am I A Maybelline Girl??

  1. I love the concealer, think it works really well and the colour is perfect for my skin tone. Also love the colour tattoos, I've got a gold one which is gorgeous and also a turquoise one which I'm not brave enough to try out yet!

  2. I do like the concealer too ,thou it does disappoint me at times during winter. I love teh colour tattoos. I think u should give the turquoise one a go. dont be afraid to test your fear 🙂

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