REVIEW: Thick & Fast – Super Volume Mascara

When it comes to eyelashes i have next to nothing. They are thin, lifeless and just nothing at all. Even  an eyelash curler does nothing for me. I have tried out a lot of different mascaras  from drug store mascaras to high end mascara and all have failed. When i got the Thick & Fast  mascara in my Soap & Glory gift set i was excited as i had never tried this before & was hoping like before that this would be the one to change my eyelash life. It isnt the perfect mascara i would wish for but YES it has done what none of the other mascara i have used ever done for me. I have applied this after using an eyelash curler and without using an eyelash curler. I personally prefer not using an eyelash curler as it breaks my eyelash with each use :0( Yes thats the sad story of my eyelash life . Never the less i did try it after using an eyelash curler to get an honest review of this. It kept my eyelashes curled for most part of the day. When i say most i mean most part of the day. The wand separates each eyelash really well making it look much fuller than it is. Its Thick but in a good way. Its not clumpy at all. Dries quite quickly. Another reason why i love this mascara is due to my horrible eyelashes i get mascara on my eyelids every time i apply mascara but magically this hasn’t done that. Its a real win-win for me. So far this would be one of the best i have used.

If you have the same eyelash life as me (hope nobody does) let me know your favourite mascara as i would love to try some i haven’t tried yet. Hope this was of help to you on deciding if its a taker for your or not.

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